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where DAO token holders get paid to govern

Revolutionized Governance

BRIBE Protocol improves upon current dGov models by coordinating voters into powerful coalitions up for auction, so that anyone can benefit from governance marketplaces.

Voter Extractable Value (VEV)

The new paradigm in DAO tooling is to incentivize and learn from user participation.

VEV improves upon current decentralized governance models by reducing opportunity costs for voters, increasing DAO participation, and adding use cases for voting. Bribe's VEV products are Bribe 'Pots' which allow for the creation of incentives to bribe voters, and Bribe 'Pools' to coordinate and auction powerful coalitions of DAO votes

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BRIBE is our native token powering governance and revenue-sharing.

DAO Integrations

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BRIBE is the next step in DeFi Governance – but not the last. Future tooling will advance our goals of expanding governance participation and helping DAOs more effectively function.

Phase 1

Voter Extractable Value (VEV)

Coordinates and auctions powerful coalitions of DAO votes.

Phase 2

Bribe Pots

Allows for the creation of incentives to bribe voters.

Phase 3

Bribe Pro

Automates voting and empowers BRIBE holders to govern key parameters of the protocol.

Phase 4

Bribe SDK

Allows anyone to create Bribe pools for their respective protocols.

Phase 5

Cross-Chain Governance

Enables cross-chain voting, cross-chain decision propagation, and cross-chain payments.

Phase 6

Distributed DAOs

Empowers community subsets to carry out localized governance.

Phase 7

Governor Charlie

Introduces a forkable DAO framework that new protocols can utilize for market-driven decentralized governance.


BRIBE Protocol was developed with security in mind. Additional audits will be conducted in the future.

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Bribe Protocol was incubated by Advanced Blockchain AG and Composable Labs.

Bribe is best used as part of a well-balanced and active delegation strategy. We are committed to future product improvements that will ensure users do not vote against their aggregate best interest.